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Our passion:

Innovative game development

Terovania develops innovative, lively and exciting computer games that tell profound stories, convey values and thus offer added social value.

By using cutting edge technology, coupled with creative ideas and a lot of attention for detail, we create fictional universes that inspire our players.

Why computer games?

Computer games have fascinated most of us since early childhood. They open up new ways to express our imagination, to switch off or to get together. The founders of Terovania themselves grew up in a generation where the computer games industry was developing rapidly. Even as children, they dreamed of one day being able to create their own games and fictional worlds together with other enthusiasts and turn their ideas into reality.

“Welcome to Terovania”
– our two founders Pascal and Christian

The roots of Terovania

The “Pentaquin” project

The roots of Terovania go back a long way. Terovania founder Christian first started “Pentaquin” in 2010: A group of students who wanted to realize their common dream of creating their own computer game in their free time. A lot has happened over the past few years and we have worked continuously on it, so that one day we can turn our common hobby into a second job. In April 2018 we decided to start a business for the upcoming first release “Pentaquin – Deeds of Twilight”. This decision led to the founding of Terovania.

A passion with many facets

Our game development team consists of talents from a wide range of disciplines. Get to know the faces behind Terovania’s Indie Game Development Team and their work!

What makes us special

How we work

A well-functioning team

Game development with passion

Our game development team has grown into a tough core over the last few years through intensive cooperation on our “Pentaquin” project. A well-coordinated team of project managers, game designers, animators, game artists, sound composers and programmers work together with and for Terovania on our computer games. Thanks to our many years of experience, every move our developers make is coordinated with each other.

We work with tried and tested development and project management strategies, ensuring that our team is always efficient and at the same time motivated to work on the realisation of their ideas. We also master another challenge: Our team works almost exclusively remotely, i.e. from home!

On the pulse of time

Modern Tools

As an indie game developer, it is especially important to work with modern tools to enable the best possible communication and working methods. For this we rely on a range of proven tools.

As a data protection-conscious company, we rely almost exclusively on self-hosted infrastructure and install our internal development tools on our own servers.

In addition to OpenSource solutions such as the popular file sharing and collaboration platform ↗Steamworks®2, ↗Unity®3 Software as well as the project management and documentation software ↗Jira® and ↗Confluence®4 kindly supported by the manufacturer ↗Atlassian

Further information

More from Terovania Games

Our first game

Our first game “Pentaquin – Deeds of Twilight”, which will be released under the Terovania label, is also the beginning of our franchise “Pentaquin”, whose idea once founded the roots of Terovania.

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Our indie game label Terovania is of course also represented on Steam®2. Visit our profile there to stay up to date on all Terovania Games releases and never miss a game from us.

Become a part of us

Would you like to support the development of our Indie Game Development Studio with your creativity and passion for game development? Then become a part of our project “Pentaquin” and look forward to many exciting challenges.

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Are you interested in one of our services or in a joint project with us? We are looking forward to your message and to the dialogue during a free consultation.

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